The Best Laksa in Sydney

If you are looking for the best laksa in Sydney in 2016, you’ve come to the right place! The Laksa Blog answers the BIG questions…

Who makes the best laksa in Sydney?


Which laksa should I stay away from?!

Rankings and reviews are kept up to date and I’m always on the hunt for new laksas to check out.

If you have suggestions for new laksa places to try – leave a comment!

The Laksa Leaderboard for the Best Laksa in Sydney:

  1. Malay-Chinese Takeaway (CBD)
  2. Ito’s Malaysian (CBD)
  3. CBD Noodles (CBD)
  4. Temasek (Parramatta)
  5. Penang Cuisine (Epping)
  6. Jimmy’s Recipe (CBD)
  7. Alex Lee Kitchen (CBD / Chippendale)
  8. Laksa King (CBD)
  9. Alice’s Makan (CBD)
  10. Ipoh Town (CBD / Chatswood)
  11. Papparich (Chatswood / Macquarie Park / Haymarket)
  12. Happy Chef (CBD / Haymarket)
  13. David’s Kitchen (CBD)
  14. Sambal (Macquarie Park)
  15. Lee’s Malaysian (CBD)
  16. Malacca Straits (Haymarket)
  17. Malaysian Laksa House (CBD)
  18. Thai Tree (CBD)
  19. BaBa Laksa House (CBD)
  20. The Thai Connection (CBD)

Ipoh Town Chicken Laksa April 2015



Because life’s too short for shit laksa!