BaBa Laksa House – A Laksa to Skip

It has been 4 years since I had laksa at BaBa Laksa House and it could be another 4 years before I go there again.

I am not sure why they named themselves BaBa Laksa House without perfecting their laksa at least a little more. The real estate is pretty good – they are located underneath the Grace Hotel in Sydney CBD. And the laksa did look good.

Chicken Laksa from Baba Laksa House

… But this is the laksa I remember as one of the best presented I have seen (the photo doesn’t do it justice), but was one of the worst when it came to the actual flavour.

The soup was thin, mild and tasteless and for some reason it had cabbage and capsicum garnish.

C’mon guys, cabbage?!


Happy to go back and try it again, if someone pays me.

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Last Eaten: September 2011

Price: $12

Laksa Varieties:  Chicken / Veggie and Beancurd / Combination

Chilli: Don’t remember

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