Happy Chef – Hunter Connection (Wynyard)

So I hadn’t been to the Happy Chef (Hunter Connection / Wynyard shop) for a while and thought I would stop in for a quick lunch. Feeling like something a bit different I had the veggie laksa, which usually waters down the soup a bit – so I won’t really deduct points for that when rating it.

The Veg Laksa at Happy Chef in Wynyard
The Veg Laksa at Happy Chef in Wynyard

The soup looks OK, but definitely a bit thin and lacking in real chilli oil and texture. No hokkien noodles either.

They do have some sambal available to help yourself but it is more like a jarred sambal that is low on the flavour – more like a Chinese chilli and oil than a real Malaysian sambal with more shrimp and other flavours going on…

The main flavours in the soup are OK, nothing too wrong with the Happy Chef laksa, but it also doesn’t have as much coconut milk flavour, depth or grit going. It could be improved with a better broth / base stock and definitely more laksa paste and sambal in the mix.

Happy Chef Wynyard - Laksa
Happy Chef Wynyard – Laksa

Overall? It is OK if you are in the area for a laksa, but I wouldn’t make a special trip to go there with some better choices nearby…


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Last Eaten: August 2016

Price for Chicken Laksa: $11

Laksa varieties: Chicken / Prawn / “Spicy Beef” / Fresh Beef / Veggie and Tofu / King Prawn / Seafood / Wonton / Fish Ball & Fish Cake / Combination

Chilli: Mild

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