Ipoh Town – OK Laksa in Sydney City

Ipoh Town is hidden away off Grosvenor place behind George St, in a tiny, hard-to-find food court. It is apparently run by the same people who run Ipoh on York St and Jimmy’s Recipe. They have now opened up several shops so you can find them in Chatswood, Barangaroo and Grosvenor Place.

So after going back for a second visit in February, I have actually moved Ipoh Town down the list by a couple of places to sit around 10th at the time of writing this. The soup definitely tastes like they might use milk largely in place of coconut milk and it really came across on the mild side. Possibly an off day?

If you like your laksa thin and milky or have a friend / young child who isn’t into spicy food – this could be a good starting point.

Ipoh Town's Chicken Laksa in Feb 2016
Ipoh Town’s Chicken Laksa in Feb 2016

It definitely isn’t a bad laksa at all and they do some good Malaysian drinks on the side too like Lemon Iced Tea / Malaysian Iced Coffee and Limau Ice.

Ipoh Town Chicken Laksa

Ipoh Town Chicken Laksa

There are definitely similarities to what I remember from Ipoh on York and a big plus that you get both noodles, a bunch of tofu and as much sambal as you want.

Ipoh Town Chicken Laksa April 2015

So not amazing but dependable and will do if you are in the area near the Rocks.

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Last Eaten: February 2016

Price for Chicken Laksa: $11

Laksa varieties: Chicken / Tofu / Beef / Fish / Wonton / Prawn / Seafood / Combination

Chilli: Mild. Very Mild.

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