Lee’s Malaysian – Not the Best Laksa Near Wynyard

It had been almost 5 years since I had laksa at Lee’s Malaysian, despite going past it all the time in Sydney CBD. For those who haven’t been – it is right on the corner of George St and Hunter St right near Wynyard Station.

Lee's Malaysian Chicken Laksa
Lee’s Malaysian Chicken Laksa

If you read my old review, the basic story was that Lee’s made a good laksa, but definitely not great

So the big question was – have they gotten better since 2011?!

Lee's Malaysian Chicken Laksa close-up
The bowl of laksa I ate at Lee’s back in 2011…

Unfortunately for me (and my mate that I dragged past Chinese-Malay)…


I think the laksa has actually gotten a little bit worse.

I do love the fact that Lee’s have a dedicated laksa station and you can help yourself to fried shallots, coriander and sambal… But the base of the soup is just lacking.

There is no grit and the only colour and texture comes from the two spoons of sambal I added myself. If you go there you will see the soup looks a little bit sad and anaemic.

The taste is milky and didn’t seem to have much proper coconut milk richness or chilli flavour or shrimp.


Lee's Malaysian Chicken Laksa - mixed
Lee’s Malaysian Laksa – lacks the depth of a good laksa

So it isn’t a terrible laksa, but given how many awesome laksa options you have so close by there isn’t much reason to go to Lee’s.

If you are in the AREA and see Lee’s, I’d have to recommend going to Malay-Chinese Takeaway or CBD Noodles instead.


Current Ranking: See the FULL LIST to see where Lee’s Malaysian is ranked right now!

Last Eaten: March 2016

Price for Chicken Laksa: $9

Laksa varieties: Chicken / Prawn / Curry Beef / Veggie and Tofu / King Prawn / Seafood

Chilli: Mild

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4 thoughts on “Lee’s Malaysian – Not the Best Laksa Near Wynyard”

  1. OMG. Best laksa I’ve had in a long time. Ordered the King prawn with freshly steamed greens.
    TOTALLY AWESOME. Still in a food coma though….the best you can buy!!!

  2. Just found your blog looking for laksa recipes and I’m super excited to try some of these places. I recommend The Golden Tower in Central Park (across from UTS, small takeaway food court shop), I really like their flavour and it is for me consistent 🙂 I’m not sure it would stand up to all the different ones you’ve tried though, but I’d still recommend it.

    I don’t like the ‘sweeter’ laska variations that I get every now and then I prefer the savoury flavour, I dont really like the hokkien noodle variations, I much prefer the vermicceli bean or rice noodle ones (glass noodles).

    Happy Laksa hunting!

    1. Thanks Kim – appreciate the recommendation. I have been doing a bit of laksa eating and not much actual blogging!

      I am sure I can make it down to check out The Golden Tower – to be honest everyone likes their laksa a bit different – I’m on the savoury side too.

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