Penang Cuisine – Best Laksa in Epping

Penang Cuisine won a few brownie points for being open on New Years Eve for lunch – I really didn’t want to cook and needed a laksa so I could head into 2016 the right way. I hadn’t tried the laksa there before, so was a bit nervous I might end up having a shitty start to 2016 but hey, they delivered and are now my favourite local!

The best laksa in Epping & one of the top 5 in Sydney at the moment
The best laksa in Epping & one of the top 5 in Sydney at the moment

Since then, I’ve been back to make sure it wasn’t a fluke and they are definitely legit. The soup is tasty, gritty and consistently good though it is definitely under chilli’d and not quite as punchy as somewhere like Malay Chinese Takeaway.

You will need to ask for extra sambal & chilli, but on the plus side, it does come standard with both noodles so that is a tick for me.

Best Vegetarian Laksa in Sydney
I don’t usually order vegetarian laksa, but Penang Cuisine make a good one


They make the odd / pretty modest claim of being “The king of curry laksa in Epping”. Either they are really humble or I didn’t know how competitive the laksa scene was around here… I mean, how many laksa places are there in Epping?

If anyone knows other good laksas in the area – let me know!

Laksa at Penang Cuisine - Epping
The Laksa at Penang Cuisine Epping – one of the top 5 laksas in Sydney

Current Ranking: 5th

Last Eaten: January 2016

Price for Chicken Laksa: $10.90

Laksa varieties: Chicken / Prawn / Seafood / Vegetable

Chilli: Mild-Medium

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