Sambal – Laksa in North Ryde (near Macquarie Centre)

So it has been a few years since going to Sambal in North Ryde. Previously it made it up into my top laksas although the bowl yesterday left a bit to be desired and it is out of the top 10.

They do some great Malaysian dishes – pretty good Chicken Rice and CKT, but they could really work on their laksa…

The Chicken Laksa at Sambal, North Ryde
The Chicken Laksa at Sambal, North Ryde

Hopefully it was just a bad day, but the soup was lacking in flavour and punch. They also have a bit more competition in the area now that PappaRich has opened a store in Macquarie Centre.

Sambal Chicken Laksa

Worth trying again, but this bowl was not impressive so I’d have to recommend you go line up at PappaRich instead!

Laksa at Sambal in 2011
Laksa at Sambal in 2011

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Price for Chicken Laksa: 

Last Eaten: January 2016

Chilli: Mild-Medium

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