Malay-Chinese Takeaway – The Best Laksa in Sydney

OK so Malay-Chinese Takeaway on Hunter St is no secret to Sydney Laksa eaters. It is the defending champ and has been called “the best Laksa in Sydney” (or at the very least, one of the best) for years. The recipe hasn’t changed and either have the long lines if you go at lunch time during the week!

Mid week either early (before 12pm) or late (after 1:30 pm) tend to be a little bit better.

The Best Laksa in Sydney - Malay Chinese Takeaway
The Best Laksa in Sydney – Malay Chinese Takeaway

So what makes the malay-chinese takeaway laksa so good?!


The broth is super tasty and spicy – definitely makes you break a sweat and awkwardly choke on chilli flakes a few times each bowl. I like to judge a laksa by how ‘gritty’ it is – and the Malay Chinese Takeaway laksa is right up there…

It’s simple.

When there is grit – you know the soup is going to be tasty.


If you have had a laksa that tastes like plain coconut milk and chilli – you’ll know what I’m talking about! I bet the bowl is clean afterwards.

Malay-Chinese Takeaway is also one of the most consistent restaurants I have been to. It’s probably coming close to 20 years and the laksa is still basically exactly the same is always.

They never have off-days and have a reliable and stable team, so if one person was off sick, the laksa can still go on without them. That is pretty damn impressive…

Would it be better if it came standard with hokkien noodles in the mix? I think so – but it is still awesome and the one to beat.

If you haven’t been to Malay-Chinese Takeaway for their laksa – get down there and let me know what you think!

Malay-Chinese Takeaway - still making one of the best laksas in Sydney!
Malay-Chinese Takeaway – still making one of the best laksas in Sydney!

Current Ranking: 1st

Last Eaten: March 2016

Price for Chicken Laksa: $9.70

Laksa varieties: Chicken / Skinless Chicken / Drumstick Chicken / Prawn / King Prawn / Beancurd / Seafood / Chicken and Prawn

Chilli: Hot

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If you agree with me or don’t – let me know in the comments below!

Alex Lee Kitchen – “Spice Alley” (CBD / Haymarket)

So I had no idea who Alex Lee is, but was impressed that he snagged a pretty long and cool spot in the schmick “Spice Alley” right behind the Clare hotel. For those who haven’t visited yet, it is a cool semi-outdoor food court thing in what was previously a very dingy alley. It is decked-out with some very random seating and offers a Singaporean (Alex Lee Kitchen), Malaysian (Old Jim Kee), Thai, Japanese and a weird fusion-desert restaurant to choose from.

A little bit like a hawker stall row, but one where the hawker stall operators were millionaires who had access to pricey real estate and actually cared about trendy design and health & safety standards…

That said, it was busy, loud and a stressful ordeal to get a table to eat at – so maybe it is kinda authentic!

Alex Lee Kitchen - Spice Alley
The Laksa & Satay station at Alex Lee Kitchen

Turns out, Alex used to cook at Temasek and Ginger & Spice, which would explain why his laksa was pretty damn good. It seems like the only option is to get it in a takeaway bowl and vermicelli only. Last time I was in Singapore they didn’t have any vermicelli in the traditional Katong laksa, but hey, this tasted great anyway so I’ll give them a pass. It’s otherwise just like a regular Malaysian curry laksa.

Alex Lee Kitchen - Katong Laksa
Alex Lee Kitchen – Katong Laksa

So – how does it taste? Very solid. It is thin-ish, but a good broth with a kick of chilli and a healthy red glow. I would have to call it medium, not hot as I didn’t cough or choke even once while eating. I did break into a healthy laksa sweat though, so I was a pretty satisfied customer.

Alex Lee Chicken Laksa up-close
Alex Lee Kitchen’s Katong Chicken Laksa up-close

Will definitely go back to visit again – it isn’t quite in my top 5, but it definitely could be a contender in the future.

Alex Lee Kitchen does also have a pretty impressive sounding roti menu, so I might have to go back sooner rather than later.

Current Ranking: See the FULL LIST to see where Alex Lee Kitchen is ranked right now!

Last Eaten: February 2016

Price for Chicken Laksa: $11

Laksa varieties: Katong Laksa (Chicken)

Chilli: Medium

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Jimmy’s Recipe

Jimmy’s Recipe has been called Sydney’s best laksa before. Quite possibly by Jimmy himself… but I’m sure others have said it too – it is pretty damn good.

If you like the style of laksa of both Laksa King & Malay-Chinese Takeaway, you will probably like Jimmy’s – I used to think it was somewhat in between the two…

Jimmy's Recipe chicken laksa - one of the top 5 laksas in Sydney

The soup is spicy, covered in a layer of chilli oil, the service is fast and they are consistent. I’d be very happy eating it every day, but it doesn’t quite beat Malay-Chinese Takeaway, Ito’s or CBD Noodles

Current Ranking: See the FULL LIST to see where Jimmy’s Recipe is ranked right now!

Last Eaten: March 2015

Price for Chicken Laksa: $9.50

Laksa varieties: Chicken / Prawn / Fish / Beef / Vegetable / Seafood / Combination

Chilli: Medium

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